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When You Need A Fleet of Options

No Compromise, No Stress, Just Ride

One good thing about traveling is never your ride, is it?  Airport Transportation seems to be a reoccurring problem. Booking the flights, packing our bags, and dealing with unpredictable security lines are stressed even more with the all-too-real question…

Who can bring us to the airport?

  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Acquaintances?
  • Social Media Followers?

We spend a lot of time contemplating this question, dissecting it, trying to figure out who has time and who will be bothered and why we ever decided to go on this trip in the first place…

So why do we toil over finding a perfect ride?

It’s really about comfort. Traveling is stressful, and compromises happen when vacations are on the line.

When Convenience Meets Compromise

Wasting money isn’t fun, but it happens when we’re in a pinch. If your flight leaves in five hours and you need a ride to the airport, you’re willing to pay extra for convenience. But when you’re stuck in the middle of an extremely long taxi line at the airport, you’re paying with more than money—you’re paying with your time. 

We like the comfort of being driven, but why do we compromise our time and accept the pending frustrations?



When You Need a Fleet of Options

Last Resorts are not the answer. Taking time to plan out your ride takes a lot of the pressure off of you. It’s a no-brainer. A few hours to call your family and friends, your acquaintances and anyone else will do wonders.

Things You Can Do To Plan Ahead:

  1. List all possible rides (from most likely to least likely available)
  2. Contact list (call, text, email, Facebook message, etc.)
  3. Choose optimal ride (another list?)
  4. Consider alternative transportation options (another list!)

The time you take to plan your trip out correctly reduces the possibility of striking out and missing your flight.

Using time wisely gives you better options and a better back-up plan. A back-up plan should be convenient, but also worth the fee. Instead of falling victim to the last-minute Taxi line at the airport (as depicted above), setting up a Shuttle or a Black Car or Taxi in advance will give you the same end result but with fewer bumps along the way.

What do options give you? Freedom, luxury, and peace of mind.

From our perspective, there are tons of possible rides you can take to the airport, including rides from your family and friends. The goal should be to see all of your options and choose the one that works best for you.

When it comes to Airport Transportation, the focus should be on getting you to the airport or your hotel on time, with the least amount of stress on your end as possible.

A Fleet of possible rides should be at your disposal, in the palm of your hand. Your ride should be catered to your schedule. Customized to the experience you want.

When you choose to pay for your ride to the airport, there should be no compromise, no stress and no worry. Just you and your ride.