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20 Non-Rules of YOLO Traveling

Essential Tips for the Modern Travel Adventure

The most essential travel tips are those that don’t limit your overall experience. Traveling the world fearlessly has a lot more to do with knowing that you can (and should) have adventures without preparing so heavily for them.

Every season is the season of fearlessness, at My Airport Trip. We insist on excitement. We love adventure. Your travels should reflect how you want to experience the world. Be super-charged. Look at the world as a single adventure and take it on.


So what are you waiting for? Today is the day we look fear in the face, pack our bags and say one word: YOLO. We’ve listed the Non-Rules of YOLO Traveling, to inspire your wandering spirit and prepare you to let go of common assumptions about how you should travel.

Because we only live once, after all.

20 Non-Rules of YOLO Traveling

  1. Let other people worry about you. You’ve taken the leap, now it’s time to go. Wherever. YOLO.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to one country. Choose the most beautiful places that Wikipedia has to offer. YOLO.
  3. Don’t use an itinerary. Be open to an open day. YOLO.
  4. Pack only what you need. Clothes are heavy, pack light. Bring back more stuff. YOLO.
  5. Wake up and take the train to a city you’ve never heard of. YOLO.
  6. Make friends with strangers over espresso or lunch or beer. YOLO.
  7. Leave your shampoo supply up to chance. Take the hotel challenge. YOLO.
  8. Leave your phone at home. YOLO.
  9. Wear your shoes out. Get dirty. Make sure your adventures have left their mark on you. YOLO.
  10. Drink all the wine. Dance with strangers. Don’t hold back. YOLO.
  11. Take pictures and make people jealous. YOLO.
  12. Learn the local language the hard way. Communicate through interpretive dance and pick up words as you go. YOLO.
  13. Don’t look at your watch. Forget you own a watch. YOLO.
  14. Public fountains are your new best friend. Stay hydrated. Cool off. Wash your clothes. YOLO.
  15. Eat food you will never eat at home. YOLO.
  16. Eat small meals. Eat massive meals. YOLO.
  17. Keep a small entourage of snacks in your backpack. The less you have to stop to eat, the better. YOLO.
  18. Don’t use napkins. Live on the edge and wipe your fingers on your clothes. YOLO.
  19. Go hiking. Go surfing. Go jump off a cliff into the water below. Make a crown of flowers. Ski down all the mountains. Sprain your ankle. Drink beer to wash the pain away. YOLO.
  20. Nap wherever you want. Under the Eiffel Tower, in a field of wheat, on a street corner, standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. YOLO.

Challenge Yourself to Adventure. YOLO.

Essential Travel Tips

Whether it’s down the street, a few states over, or around the world, we are traveling beings. Stay hungry for adventure and remember that you can always go home later.  Or tomorrow. Or next week.