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Why You Should Always Take a Photo

Pro Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

I’ll admit, being seen as an awkward tourist is not the most aspired title when you’re traveling abroad. We rarely want to be seen as the tourist, the outsider, the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit anywhere for some reason. Many travel blogs want you to detach yourself from accepted tourist norms and “experience the world around you.” Tips on how to travel well (and often) flood the internet; we do want you to have a wonderful trip. But the general consensus is that falling victim to the Tourist Complex is bad—whatever you do, don’t look like a “tourist.”


So why am I writing a post about taking lots of pictures, when I know the Travel Police wouldn’t approve?

It’s important to keep your favorite memories safe from time. Taking photos captures your favorite moments from travels, special occasions, random weekends and every day life. The key to being a good tourist is to take as many photos as you’d like, in the way you know best.

The Argument for Being “That” Tourist

When you get past the assumption that being a tourist must mean that you step off the plane and immediately berrage the local residents with a flashing camera, there is a lot of honor in being a real tourist.


Below are some important tips that every traveler should keep in mind while away from home.

Take Your Time

One of the best parts about traveling, as stated by many a travel blog and seasoned traveler, is the time you get to spend away from your every day life. Your adventure becomes far more important because it is so vastly different than your daily routine. Photos help you slow down from the hustle of the trip and focus on one thing, one memory and keep yourself grounded amongst all of the activity (traveling can be a busy preoccupation at times).

Capture the Moment

As the world slows down, we get to truly reflect: on our lives, our dreams and what keeps us going. I can’t tell you how much traveling has changed my life, but I can certainly show you my favorite moments and maybe inspire you to get out in the world and do the same as I have done.

Send Love Back to Family and Friends

Sharing a photo is always a great idea when you’re traveling. It gives your loved ones a chance to see the things you’re seeing, and share in the moments you’ve captured.  But what does it say when those photos were actually taken by someone else and have an obnoxious colored font saying “Wish you were here”? …It says “I had enough money to buy this for you, saw it and thought it was OK to send this instead of the amazing photos I’ve been taking this whole time.”

Use your photos wisely and create personalized postcards from your own collection, or simply add a photo or two to the letter you’re sending.

You Only Live Once

The greatest gift of travel is the feeling of adventure. We take the time to capture these amazing travels because it reminds us that we only live one life, and it’s always a good idea to live it fully and fearlessly.

Possible Photos to Take:

  • Standing at the base of a breathtaking waterfall
  • Looking off the edge of the cliff
  • Throwing a rock into the Grand Canyon
  • Feeling the mist from Ole Faithful
  • Kissing under the Leaning Tower of Pisa (leaning in the same direction)
  • Sitting somewhere in the Swiss Alps
  • Sharing a café on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Eating your newest favorite dish

Inspire Yourself

What do we gather from all of this? It’s more than OK to be a tourist. The important thing is to travel, have your adventures, meet new people, experience the world with your own eyes and always inspire yourself to walk a little further. We only live once, so we better live to the fullest.