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Useful Travel Accessories You Might Forget

Travel Tips for Us Non-Time-Traveling Travelers

We all know that we can’t bring our homes with us when we travel, so packing is all about being smart and reading minds—your mind, that is. Packing has turned into an event that involves trying to outsmart yourself, especially if you’re prone to forgetting things.


(Like me. What?)

 There are items that should remain at the top of your packing list: wallet, cash, passport, confirmation papers, tickets, clean pairs of underwear and your keys. But while you can certainly go out and buy the “essentials” wherever you go, not everyone can afford to live that life—a life filled with mystery and an empty checking account.

You seem like a good crowd, so I’ll fill you in on some Travel Accessories that you might forget, but certainly shouldn’t travel without.

Our List of Regrets: (Useful Items We Forget to Pack)

Reusable Water Bottle

Any empty water bottle will do. Simply throw the empty water bottle into your carry-on and fill it when you get through security. Whether you fill it at the water fountains (which are usually nice and cold, but maybe a bit crowded) or at one of the food court establishments or coffee shops, having a full bottle of water with you on the plane will let you hydrate on your own time.

Reusable water bottles last longer, leak less and keep your water tasting like water. Traveling with smaller bags might require a smaller bottle (unless you pack your CamelBak into one of your checked bags). There are plenty of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and hard-plastic options that will get the job done and last longer than your entire trip (and then some).

Laundry Bag

Suitcases have less space than you think they do once they leave the house. The moment you arrive at your hotel and begin wearing the clothes you’ve packed so meticulously, nothing seems to fit the right way anymore. Your clothes seem to multiply, and you’re usually left with a growing pile of dirty laundry that you don’t need to have mixing with your good clothes.

I mean, it happens. We’ve all had that very stress filled minute panic of “Where are all of my clean clothes?”

To save yourself the drama, pack a small laundry bag (plastic or otherwise) that can house wet, soiled and smelly clothes.

Emergency Snack

You never know when you’ll be stuck on a very long layover, in the middle of nowhere, with only a vending machine full of Honey Buns available for meals. Packing a protein bar, some almonds, or a bag of peanuts will help assuage the Hangry feelings and keep you full until the suffering wait ends.

Stash a few non-perishable snacks in your bag, you never know when you’ll need it. And let’s face it, an on-the-go snack is never unwelcome, because snacks are awesome (and not airplane food).

Extra Memory Card/Chargers

Instead of getting stuck in one of the world’s worst First World Problems, simply pack an extra memory card for your camera and bring an extra charger for your phone or iPod. No one needs to be the guy stuck in a foreign electronics store trying to communicate the type of memory card he has using interpretive dance moves and desperate grunts of frustration. And no one needs to be the guy waiting in line to pay way too much for a new charger (even though he has 5 chargers at home, that he also conveniently forgot on this trip).


We all know of some Chapstick addicts, but you don’t have to be a regular user to find glorious relief in bringing some Chapstick or lip balm with you as you travel. The dry airplane air, sunny and dry weather, and all of the salty and processed food you may or may not be eating on the trip could do a number on your lips.

Instead of toughing out your chapped lips, give them a break and keep them hydrated. Using lip balm on the regular during trips also ensures a wonderful “Hello, I’ve missed you” kiss when you return home at the airport. 

Other Uses of Lip Balm for the Curious Traveler:

  • Tame frizzy hair ends
  • Soothe dry cuticles
  • Protect your skin from windburn
  • Unstick a stubborn zipper

There is a long list of items you could forget while you pack for a trip. But keeping in mind some of the easily forgotten travel accessories, and making a note to remember them on your next trip will do you a lot of good and save you a great deal of stress. It’s all about learning from experience.