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Where to Refuel at MSY Airport

A Guide to MSY Airport: Where to Eat, Drink and Get Your New Orleans Fix

So! You’ve arrived at MSY Airport—New Orleans International Airport. No matter if you’re coming or going, MSY has a lot to offer the weary traveler. While the seats (not to mention the lines at busy hours) aren’t much different than any of the other airports in the US, MSY boasts a lot of local flavors to perk up even the most weary of travelers.

MSY Airport Snacks

Complete with all that muffin goodness.

From tea, to coffee, water, juice, smoothies, or a stiff drink, the vendors at MSY Airport will help take the edge off of anything from extended layovers to missed flights. But where are these vendors located?

Well, that depends on your Airline.

The Concourses of MSY Airport

Each section of the New Orleans International Airport, called a Concourse, has a variety of vendors and amenities available to them. And, depending on who you fly with, you might have special access to specific restaurants and shops.

What is your airline of choice?

Concourse B Airlines

  • Southwest

Concourse C Airlines

  • Alaska
  • AirExpress
  • JetBlue Airways
  • US Airways
  • Allegiant
  • Copa Airlines
  • Spirit
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Sunwing

Concourse D Airlines

  • Air Canada
  • Delta
  • United

Fuel Up at MSY Airport: Perk Up Your Travels

Now that you’ve found your Concourse, check out the list of vendors and restaurants below to see where you might want to get your next pick-me-up.

Travelers please note: all restaurants, sandwich shops, bars and cafés are open from 5am until 8pm (unless otherwise stated).


  • West Beignet
  • Dunkin’ Donuts (4am to 8pm)
  • Dooky Chase Restaurant
  • Creole Kitchen

Concourse B

  • Smoothie King & The Grove
  • PJ’s Coffee
  • Praline Connection
  • Subway
  • Air Meals
  • Lucky Dogs (10am to 8pm)
  • French Market Pizzeria
  • Zatarain’s
  • LP Bistro

Concourse C

  • Smoothie King & The Grove
  • Atrium Bar (10am to 8pm)
  • Copeland’s Gourmet Kitchen
  • PJ’s Coffee
  • Lucky Dogs (10am to 8pm)
  • Hot Pops (10am to 8pm)

Concourse D

  • WOW Cafe
  • Smoothie King & The Grove
  • PJ’s Coffee
  • Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro Scoop Cafe
  • Ye Olde College Inn Restaurant & Bar
  • Hot Pops (10am to 8pm)
  • Delta Sky Club

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