My Airport Trip

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How to Check-In to a Hotel

Checking In to Hotels

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Check-In Checking-In is a phenomenon that we’ve all had to hurdle. Sometimes we’re a bit late, sometimes we’re a bit early and sometimes it all seems to go wrong. There are right ways … Read More

Traveling with Personality


Traveling, Packing and What Your Luggage Says About You You are what you pack and how you pack. When you travel, your stories go with you—even if you’re traveling on business, even if you’re going to a family reunion to … Read More

Effective Packing and Traveling

Effective Suitcase Travels

The Case for Carry-Ons: Do You Really Want to Wait in Baggage Claims? When it comes to traveling, it’s true that we have to keep it smart. We have to anticipate. We have to be ready for anything, and mainly … Read More

Unlocking the Oddities of TSA


TSA Rules and Regulations: Unlocked If you’ve booked a flight, you’ve read through all of the TSA rules and by-laws and guidelines and lists of prohibited items. You’ve packed accordingly. You’ve prepped your bags for the long journey ahead. No? … Read More

Solutions for Waiting in Airport Lines


Delightful Distractions: Airport Travel Solutions Airports have an uncanny ability to take time. Delayed flights and long lines can take a lot out of you. The heavy and irritable crowds don’t help. Neither do the endless fees, rules and procedures. … Read More

Buying the Right Airline Tickets

Airline Tickets

Flying Smart: The Right Place, the Right Time and the Right Price When is the right time to buy airline tickets? Ask any search engine. You’ll be met with dozens of travel websites, travel tips and blogs that introduce you … Read More

Helpful Travel Apps and The Modern Itinerary


Travel Tips and Helpful Travel Apps: Just TripIt Like a WorldMate We are not fans of the Stressful Vacation or the Gut-Wrenching Business Meeting Abroad. Our plans are always focused on efficient and Worry-Free Travels. So, naturally, we’ve created a … Read More

Chicago Travel Guide For Food Lovers


Travel to Chicago: And Other New Year’s Resolutions of the Hungry Tourist With the beginning of 2014, I’ve set my resolutions as follows: go wherever my hunger takes me and eat the things I love. In honor of those who … Read More

Holiday Travel Guide: NYC Edition


Experience New York: A Holiday Travel Guide The US is full of cities that have bright lights and exciting holiday traditions during this time of year, but no city does Christmas like New York city. It’s the Holiday Season, and … Read More

Useful Airport Travel Tips

Terminal Waiting-v1

Travel Essentials for the Non-Frequent Flyer So, you’ve decided to take a trip. Whether you’re out on business or just want a little escape from it all, travel is the first step to freedom. We like travelers. We like them … Read More