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Why You Should Always Take a Photo


Pro Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure I’ll admit, being seen as an awkward tourist is not the most aspired title when you’re traveling abroad. We rarely want to be seen as the tourist, the outsider, the puzzle piece that … Read More

20 Non-Rules of YOLO Traveling

Essential Travel Tips for Adventures

The most essential travel tips are those that don’t limit your overall experience. Traveling the world fearlessly has a lot more to do with knowing that you can (and should) have adventures without preparing so heavily for them. Read More

But Why? And Other Baggage Claim Commentary


Here are some of the strangest items you’ve packed in your suitcase and what the airport personnel could say about it. Efficient Packing is about packing the things you want in a way that works. Just don’t forget your things at the airport. Read More

Useful Travel Accessories You Might Forget


Keep in mind some of the easily forgotten travel accessories we’ve listed. Forget them again. Packing right is all about learning from experience. Read More

Astonishing Airports of the World


What better way to close out a month of tragic Airport experiences than with a handful of the most jaw-dropping runways on the planet? The next time you’ve arrived at the airport from a slightly turbulent flight, and you’ve “had it up to here”…think of these airports, these runways, the fact that actual pilots and actual passengers survive these Airports every day. Read More

Key Qualities of the Worst Airports Ever

Airports You Hate

Experiencing the Worst US Airports is like sitting in a room full of disgruntled children: everyone is a little bit grumpy, and there is little to nothing we can do about it. Read More

Creative Hotel Amenities and Hospitality

Hotel Room Amenities

Let’s face it. Traveling is awesome. Whether it’s for a family vacation or a regular business trip, your travels are bound to take you to a hotel. No matter where you stay, be it a super convenient (and possibly sketchy) Super 8 or the highest quality, luxury, all-expenses desired hotel, the establishment will provide you with certain amenities—many that come free of charge. Read More

How to Check-In to a Hotel

Hotel Etiquette

Checking-In is a phenomenon that we’ve all had to hurdle. Sometimes we’re a bit late, sometimes we’re a bit early and sometimes it all seems to go wrong. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about checking in to your hotel. But the following rings true every time: be aware of yourself and the people who serve you. Read More

Traveling with Personality

Logic Reason and Personalities

You are what you pack and how you pack. When you travel, your stories go with you—even if you’re traveling on business, even if you’re going to a family reunion to visit your crazy cousins—what we pack, how we pack and the bags we pack them in are tell-tale signs that play a part in revealing who we are as individuals. Read More

Effective Packing and Traveling

Pack your Suitcase

When it comes to traveling, it’s true that we have to keep it smart. We have to anticipate. We have to be ready for anything, and mainly just specific security measures and really long lines. So, what’s with all the stress? Why do we all feel just a bit crazy at the airport? Read More